The best locations for a family photoshoot in Miami



A huge park and beach covered with palm trees, which is a rarity in Miami. I love it for its spaciousness, rustle and shade of palm leaves, tranquility and the absence of a large number of people, which is ideal for calm, measured shooting.



A beach devoid of glamor and pathos with the spirit of 70s Miami. Colorful bars, motels and streets.



Another uncrowded and calm beach located near Sunny Isles Beach. Its peculiarity is that on one side there is a bay, along which yachts and fishing boats are moored, and on the other side, the beach and the ocean itself. The beach has a beautiful stone cliff and some greenery.



This is the Villa-Palace, which is now a museum. A huge area with a magnificent park, textured staircases, arches, fountains and views of the bay. For shooting on the territory of the villa, you need to pay a permit at the entrance in the amount of $ 250 on weekdays and $ 350 on weekends. Opening hours can be viewed on the official website of the museum.



A small park located in Coral Gables enchants with its beauty, sophistication and privacy. Ideal for wedding, family and portrait shots in a classic, elegant style.



One of Miami's most delicious filming locations) This is a Greek and Turkish culture-style tavern founded by a husband and wife who rebuilt the 1940s home with the most famous outdoor gardens and patios. Beautiful photographs can be accompanied by delicious and stylish food. The pleasure of the whole process is guaranteed!)